The Ceva Sogeval Campus, ADAPEI 53 and ESAT Les Espaces are celebrating 20 years since the establishment of the first integrated workshop in Mayenne.

The Ceva Sogeval Campus, ADAPEI 53 and ESAT Les Espaces have chosen to associate this 20th anniversary with the Disability Employment Week, which this year focused on the theme of “securing career paths”. This is a topic which chimes perfectly with the successful and long-running partnership between ESAT, ADAPEI 53 and Sogeval.

Cooperation between SOGEVAL and CAT (now known as ESAT) began in 1978, with the company employing disabled staff to work externally on secondary packaging tasks.

In 1994, building on this long-term partnership, Sogeval set up an integrated workshop to enable secondary packaging to be performed within the company itself. When the project was launched, twelve disabled people were employed in the workshop. This made Sogeval the leading company in Mayenne in terms of accommodating disabled workers on its premises.

Over the course of the years, the tasks performed have evolved. In addition to secondary packaging, they now include in-process controls, material cleaning, selective sorting, handling operations, and work clothing management. In July 2010, the partnership entered a new phase when two ESAT employees joined the company’s workforce.

The integrated workshop on the Ceva Sogeval Campus now enables around thirty ESAT users to fulfil their potential within the company, proving just how successful this project has been.

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