The CEVA SOGEVAL CAMPUS adopts Ceva's colours

As part of the integration of the Ceva Sogeval Campus into the Ceva Group, the Laval site has carried out a signage modification project in its various centres in order to match the Group’s colours.

After several weeks of preparation behind the scenes (anticipation of logistic impacts and production of the materials) the new signage was put in place last week. Wall panels, car-park access terminals, illuminated 3D signs: each new item has been designed to convey the campus’s new visual identity and gradually establish the new name “Ceva Sogeval Campus”.

This project was driven by two key objectives, to underline the merger of the two entities and strengthen the regional visibility of the campus. The campus is proud to sport its new colours, which mark a further step in the integration of the campus into the Ceva Group

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