Powders and premixes unit

A new manufacturing unit exclusively dedicated to premixes and oral powders was opened in 2014. These veterinary products are designed for the national and international animal product markets.

This new site benefits from advanced equipment and an automated manufacturing process, ensuring extremely strong product security. The factory’s gravitational designautomatic cleaning system, and controlled atmosphere packing enable prevention of cross-contamination risks, while also improving working conditions.

The technologies employed have enabled an improvement in productivity. The original production capacity of 7000 tonnes is set to reach an annual capacity of 10,000 tonnes.

Oral form expertise : From water-soluble powders to medicinal premixes

  • Specific production workshops
  • Automated fillingand packaging lines for various formats: bags, jars, buckets, bulk bags
  • Unique patented expertise in Premix granulation: Perlium micro-granules


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