The Campus has 6 different sites located within a 2 km radius of Laval.


The Laval site is now the seat of the Campus, and is home to many of the support functions, including the finance department, management control, information systems, human resources, communications and management, as well as the quality control laboratory.

Part of the site is devoted to production:

  • Liquid-form manufacturing and packaging plants
  • Medicinal premix weighing
  • Production support services: stores and receipt

Adress : 
Ceva Sogeval Campus
200 Avenue de Mayenne
53 022 Laval

CHANGÉ (Laval technopole) 

Situated a few metres from the head office, the Research and Development department is located within the Laval Technopole technology park.
It houses many different areas of expertise: Pharmaceutical Development - Regulatory Affairs - Pharmacovigilance.

Adress :

Research and Development 
Avenue Pierre de Coubertin
Parc Tertiaire Technopole
53 810 Changé


Louverné encompasses most of the production on the Campus, with the motorway area of Louverné hosting 4 of the Campus’s sites:

  • Tablet production unit
  • Premix and oral power production unit
  • Logistics platform

Louverné - Premix and oral powder production unit:

3 Avenue des Cyprès
53 950 Louverné

Louverné / entrance 2- Tablet production unit:

Allée de la Communication
53 950 Louverné

Louverné / entrance 3 -Premix and oral powder production unit: 

Allée de la Communication
53 950 Louverné

Louverné / entrance 4 - Logistics platform:

Boulevard de la Communication
53 950 Louverné

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