The Campus is run by a team of 11 directors and department managers. Stephen Payan, director of the Ceva Sogeval Campus, heads what is known as the "Campus Management Team".

The Campus Management Team, responsible for the Campus roadmap, is amulti-disciplinary team which works to:

  • Determine priorities, procedures and deadlines
  • Monitor and manage campus performance
  • Share and support  General Management decisions.

The Campus Management Team is composed as follows: 

  • Stephen PAYAN : Managing Director
  • Cécile BURBAN MOISON : Human Resources Manager
  • Guillaume RAMBAUD : Supply Chain Director
  • Romain CHARLES : Pharmaceutical Development Manager
  • Olivier CHAUZI : Quality Director
  • Laurent HANY : Information System Manager & Finance Coordinator
  • Matthieu LEBIGRE : Production Multi-sites Manager
  • Florence MOUROT : Internal and Institutional Communication Manager
  • Jean-Baptiste PACINI : Regulatory Affairs Manager
  • Amaury TONNELIER : Industrial Development and Technical Support Manager

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